5 Good Adventure Destinations

For all the adrenaline junkies out there, the world is a glorious place, full of fun activities and events. For many, it’s a chance to fully feel alive, to take part in something different and unique and for those who need a little push, here are five of the best adventure holidays going.

New Zealand
New Zealand is consistently labelled as the absolute adventure capital of the world. With that in mind, white-water rafting is a particular favourite of many who travel to this beautiful landscape. Queenstown, in particular, is a haven for adventurers and features a great number of lakes and rivers, perfect for heart-pounding activities. The stunning glacial formations around the country also make for wondrous free-falling opportunities.

African Safari
Safari operators vary in each country but the general idea remains the same. Visitors can get up close and personal with some of nature’s most astonishing creatures, from fearsome rhinos to roaring lions. Visitors are able to camp under the stars in a unique set of resorts and camps, specially designed to bring you closer to this unique habitat, far away from the realms of civilisation.

The Amazon
There is no place on Earth quite like the Amazon. It is a natural wonder, a place so incredibly detached from the real world. The thick foliage, the unnatural heat and the unique wildlife all come together to form an incredible destination, perfect for those who wish to ‘see it all’. South America’s greatest site, and sight, is a superb jungle trek, unlike anything else.

The Himalayas
Hiking through Nepal is not something to be taken lightly; it is a dangerous journey, available for those with professional guides and experience. However, that being said, it offers some of the most jaw-dropping views possible, showcasing how beautiful the world truly is. Some may choose to bike through the valleys, the mountains providing a beautiful backdrop, whilst others can choose to go paragliding, taking in the masterful scenery.

The Alps
The Alps, like the Himalayas, feature some fantastic hikes, perfect for everyone. However, the real thrills come in the form of cliff-diving and skydiving. Bungee-jumping down towards the Alps from 6,500ft can be an incredible rush, allowing guests to take in the extraordinary scenes of nature, spread out before them as they hurtle towards the ground, at an affordable price too.